This report describes in detail all auctions for renewable energy support that have taken place in Denmark since 2016: multi-technology tenders for wind and solar in 2018 and 2019, a PV solar tender for projects with a capacity less than 1 MW in 2018, and the upcoming wind offshore auction for the Thor project. Moreover, the report contains a short summary of the auctions from before 2016 that had already been described in detail in previous AURES reports.
The report then assesses the described auction schemes in terms of actor variety, social acceptability, effectiveness, cost effectiveness (efficiency), realisation rates and ownership changes. The report also describes a special arrangement in Denmark, where project owners must offer a certain amount of the project (20%) to the local citizens. The scheme has been amended over time, after somechallenges became apparent.
Finally, the report concludes with a short listing of lessons learnt from the recent auctions for renewable support in Denmark.

Download the report here.