Fabian Wigand and Bastian Lotz from Guidehouse and researchers at the EU-funded AURES2 project presented yesterday, 25th November, at the Energy Community‘s10th Renewable Energy Coordination Group meeting.

Together with the Energy Community Secretariat, the AURES 2 team of Fabian Wigand, Felix von Blücher, Pia Kerres and Bastian Lotz has authored a policy brief on cross-border renewable energy cooperation with and amongst Energy Community Contracting Parties. The Energy Community is an international organization which brings together the European Union and its neighbors to create an integrated pan-European energy market including countries in South East Europe, the Black Sea region and beyond.

The Energy Community’s Contracting Parties are currently in the process of introducing renewable energy auctions and feed-in premiums in accordance with the EU Renewable Energy Directive and the State Aid Guidelines. All Contracting Parties also have renewable energy targets. Using cross-border cooperation mechanisms the Contracting Parties would, based on their role, be able to access cheap renewable energy potentials, save in support costs, mobilize local investments and modernize their energy system when collaborating with another and EU Member States to fulfill their renewable energy targets. The policy brief investigates different options for cross-border cooperation, from opening support, the EU Financing Mechanism to the use of the EU Renewable Energy Directive and their applicability to the Energy Community’s Contracting Parties.

Commenting on the policy brief and its presentation at the Renewable Energy Coordination Group meeting,  Naida Taso, electricity market and renewable expert at Energy Community said “I would like to thank you all, both from AURES II and the Energy Community Secretariat team, for cooperation, support and patience. I think this is a very good report which will be useful to many stakeholders. And the presentation on today’s meeting was excellent. I hope we continue fruitful cooperation”.

Download the policy brief on renewables cross-border cooperation in the Energy Community here.

Read the press release from Energy Community here.