Contents of the report

Croatia is one of the latest EU member states to introduce auctions for the support of renewable energy sources (RES). Although renewable energy utilisation is high, surpassing the 2020 target for the electricity sector, support schemes were not available consistently over the past decade probably because there were few incentives to invest further in RES expansion in this situation.

Despite the envious position, the official plans and strategies can do more to develop significant renewable electricity capacities in Croatia. The country has strong potential for photovoltaic and wind plants (both on-shore and offshore) which can be supplemented with flexible hydro capacities to ease system integration. To do so, there will need to be improvement from the first auction that concluded with low participation and high prices.

The case study is structured as follows. Chapter 2 provides a brief overview of the composition of the Croa-tian electricity generation and the development of renewable electricity capacities. Chapter 3 describes the main stages for the evolution of the renewable electricity support system and sectoral targets in the national strategies. The main characteristics of the renewable energy auction design are described in Chapter 4. Chapter 5 provides an analysis of the first auction round. The report ends with conclusions in Chapter 6.

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