The REKK Energiapiaci Tanacsado Kft (REKK) is an independent research and consultancy firm, providing support to policy makers and companies internationally, and also carrying out education activities. The core staff of REKK includes former regulators and university lecturers from the fields of Economics of Regulation, Statistics, Environmental Economics and Business Sciences. Besides our full-time research staff and consultant fellows we have a solid basis of senior international external experts we work with on a project basis. Having a number of international projects on its record, REKK is a well-known organization in the Central and Eastern European region. Apart from scientific and methodological experience, the staff possesses considerable regulatory and public administration expertise. REKK is involved in energy policy research in the fields of electricity, gas, renewable energies and energy efficiency. In the area of renewable energy, its personnel have been active both in international research projects, policy consultancy (e.g. background analysis for the renewable auctions in Hungary) as well in regulatory issues related to renewables both in the fields of electricity and heat. Our European research projects are focused on many areas, covering climate policy and related EU policy fields, such as EU renewable policies (long term target setting and assessments), energy efficiency policies (participate in the review of EE financing schemes). REKK also covered other sectors with its research and consultancy works, such as natural gas markets (the recent Quo Vadis EU – gas market regulatory framework assessment) and the district heating sector (in the Towards 2030-Dialogue project) assessing its regulatory environment and options to its future transformation. We have finalized a research project modelling the SEE long term decarbonisation process of the electricity sector (SEERMAP) in 2017, covering the Energy Community countries and also three EU members as well.

A considerable methodological advantage of REKK is that it has developed wholesale regional market models for the whole European Electricity Market (EEMM) and the European Gas Market (EGMM). These models were proven by several research and consultancy assignments to be very useful tools in addressing broad regional energy policy questions, ranging from gas and electricity consumption and price forecasts to security of supply and renewable energy related issues. The purpose of REKK is to provide professional analysis and advice on networked energy markets that are sustainable both commercially and environmentally. Using the Hungarian experience as a basis, which has been dealing with restructuring and regulatory issues over the last 15 years, we apply key principles at a regional level. Geographically our expertise is applied in the EU, the countries of the Energy Community, and also in the wider Central Eastern European and South East European region.

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