Scenarios and pathways – consultative draft

There are many uncertainties about what electricity systems may look like in future, and many possible trajectories for the co-evolution of markets, networks and renewable technologies. For this document, we have generated qualitative scenarios about future electricity system development. The aim is to inform debates about what the implications of market and network design and operation might be for the future viability of renewables, and therefore how auctions might evolve over time.

The objective of this document is to initiate and structure a debate with stakeholders in RES auction design and implementation in Europe about the future of auctions through the creation and analysis of qualitative scenarios. It is expected that it will be of use for policy makers and auction designers considering future auction design options, as well as businesses who wish to consider how auctions might evolve in response to future system and market conditions.

Your input is needed!
This is a consultative draft document and we are inviting input from stakeholders from industry, academia, governments and elsewhere to fine tune our scenarios and the conclusions. To this end, we are hosting a webinar and have launched a questionnaire (details below). The comments collected will be taken into account in the content of the final version of this report.

Webinar: Wednesday 7th October 202, 10:30-12:00 CEST.

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