On April 3rd 2019, the AURES II consortium will co-host a stakeholder engagement workshop on “Impacts of auctions on wind energy financing”. The workshop will be held as a side event at the WindEurope Conference & Exhibition 2019. WindEurope is one of the most important wind energy events in Europe and will take place from 2nd to 4th April in Bilbao, Spain.

The event is a collaboration between AURES II and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and will bring together representatives of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), ETH Zürich, Eclareon, WindEurope, Fraunhofer ISI, and IRENA with the aim to set a discussion platform about the impacts of auctions on financing in the wind energy sector.

During the session, the possible impacts of auctions for wind energy support on financing conditions will be analyzed in-depth, highlighting how specific auction design elements may greatly affect – i.e. increase or decrease – the risks for energy investors. We encourage all interested stakeholders to participate in the event and share their opinions. This way, you can contribute to shaping best practices for the design of future renewable energy auctions in Europe.

Speakers list:
Lena Kitzing – DTU
Michael Taylor – IRENA
Guy Brindley – WindEurope
Mak Dukan – DTU
Florian Egli – ETH Zürich
Robert Brückmann – Eclareon

More information can be found at the event homepage
Please register here (it is free – you will need an exhibition pass for WindEurope only)