In this section you can find a list of all AURES II public deliverables.

WP2 – Monitoring of Auction Implementation

WP3 – Auction Database and Empirical Insights

  • D3.1 Auction Database
  • D3.2 Updates of Auction database
  • D3.3 Two peer-reviewed papers on the quantitative analysis of Auction results
  • D3.4 Three to seven ad-hoc policy briefings

WP4 – Effects of Auctions on the RES sector

  • D4.1.1 Report – Effects of auctions on RES value chains
  • D4.1.2 Briefing Paper – Effects of auctions on RES communities; measures to protect RES communities (combined deliverable of WP2.1 and WP4.1)
  • D4.2 Report – Effects of auctions on technological innovation

WP5 – Impact of Auctions on Cost of Capital

WP6 – International Auctions

WP7 – The Future of Auctions

WP8 – Modelling

  • D8.1 Report on technology biases in technology-neutral auctions
  • D8.2 Policy brief on cross-border and European RES auctions
  • D8.3 Policy brief on the model-bsed assessment of phasing out RES support
  • D8.4 Policy brief on the model-based assessment of financing aspects of RES auctions
  • D8.5 Technical report on modelling of RES auctions (related to all modelling works within this WP)

WP9 – Recommendations

  • D9.1 Summary report (all project results)

WP10 – Communication and Dissemination

  • D10.2 Project identity package (clik to download)
  • D10.3 Website
  • D10.4 Validation workshop on Auction design elements and financing (WP 5, task 5.1)
  • D10.5 Regional Workshop
  • D10.6 Regional Workshop
  • D10.7 Workshop on cross-border Auction cooperation cases (WP6)
  • D10.8 Regional Workshop
  • D10.9 Interim dissemination report
  • D10.10 Expert talk with EC on modelling cross-border auctions (WP6)
  • D10.11 Expert talk – Beyond auctions? Scenarios for renewables in a changing electricity system (WP7)
  • D10.12 Regional Workshop
  • D10.13 Regional Workshop
  • D10.14 Workshop – Effects of auctions on RES value chains, communities, and technological innovation (WP4)
  • D10.15 Workshop – Beyond auctions? Routes to market and Auction designs under a changing electricity system (WP7)
  • D10.16 Workshop to validate results and develop feasible Auction design recommendations (WP 5, task 5.3)
  • D10.17 Regional Workshop
  • D10.18 Workshop – Final results on Auction financing, and Auction design recommendations (WP5)
  • D10.19 Executive summary of project results
  • D10.20 EC Workshop on larger context of project results (WP9)
  • D10.21 Final dissemination report
  • D10.22 Final conference
  • D10.23 Webinar series