The AURES II podcast series presents the world of auctions for renewable energy support through the research carried out in the project. In each episode the findings and results of AURES II about a specific research theme are discussed by members of the consortium.

The podcasts are available below, on Bandcamp and on Spotify.

Ep.1 – Auctions for RES in the EU – An introduction to the AURES II project – motivations, objectives and structure, and an overview of Work Package 3 – Auctions for RES in Europe, database and analysis. Guests: Vasilios Anatolitis (Fraunhofer ISI), Ann-Katrin Hanke (Takon).

Credits: released February 26, 2021; music by

Ep.2 – Supply Chain – Impact of auctions on the supply chain of the renewable energy support (RES) sector: Measures to support RE communities in auctions; effects of auctions on market concentration; impact of auctions on technological innovation. Guests: Ana Amazo (Guidehouse), Craig Menzies (Factor), Pablo Del Rio (CSIC).

Credits: released April 21, 2021; music by

Ep.3 – Financing – Impact of auctions and auction design elements on the cost of capital for renewable energy projects; analysis of weighted average cost of capital in the EU; financing conditions and support costs. Guests: Lena Kitzing (DTU), Robert Bruckmann (Eclareon), Agustin Roth (Eclareon), Mak Dukan (DTU).

Credits: released May 10, 2021; music by

Ep.4 – The future of RES auctions – Likely scenarios for the future (one to three decades) of electricity systems in the EU; how the role of auctions will change; routes to market. Guests: Oscar Fitch-Roy (University of Exeter), Bridget Woodman (University of Exeter).

Credits: released June 16, 2021; music by

Ep​.​5 – Implemented auctions in Europe and worldwide – Lessons learned from auctions for RES implemented in Europe and worldwide in the last five years: main observed trends, case studies, key takeaways; Future perspectives for auctions for RES, integrated technologies, decarbonization. Guests: László Szabó (REKK) and Fabian Wigand (Guidehouse)

Credits: released July 29, 2021; music by

Ep​.​6 – Modelling – Quantitative modelling of RES auctions in AURES II; Lessons learned from model-based approach especially regarding cross-boarder corporations and their role in meeting the the EU Green Deal targets. Guests: Gustav Resch and Jasper Geipel (TU Wien).

Credits: released September 27, 2021; music by

Ep​.​7 – International auctions – Present and future of cross-boarder auctions for renewable energy in the EU; models of cross-boarder auctions; practical guidelines on implementation of cross-boarder auctions. Guests: Malte Gephart & Felix von Bluecher (Guidehouse).

Credits: released November 18, 2021; music by

Ep​.​8 – Roundtable on auctions outside Europe – Roundtable with guests from the AURESII advisory board on auctions and renewables power sectors in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Guests: Luiz Barroso (PSR consulting & analytics; EPE – Brazilian Energy Planning Agency), Diala Hawila (IRENA), Wikus Krueger (University of Cape Town).

Credits: released January 31, 2022; music by

Ep​.​9 – AURES II and beyond – The legacy of the AURES II project and the future of the research in the field of RES with AURES III.

Credits: released April 11, 2022; music by

Ep. 10 – Wrap up: Main findings of AURES II – Last episode: Discussion on the main findings of the AURES II project. Auction design and policy objecties; Impacts of auctions on the RES sector; Cross-boarder and multitechnology auctions; The future of auctions in Europe.

Credits: released April 11, 2022; music by

All music in the podcast episodes is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License