Robert Brückmann and Agustin Roth from Eclareon and members of AURES II have been recently active in the dissemination of results from our project. The two researchers presented findings regarding the Cost of Capital in Renewable Energy (RE) financing at institutions, companies and associations such as ETH Zürich, E3 Analytics, the German Ministry for Finance, Heinrich Böll Stiftung and WindEurope. Moreover, on 30th November Eclareon joined the European Renewable Energies Federation to present these results, as well as those on the COVID-19 impact on the RE sector, to the Portuguese EU Permanent Representation Team.

In line with the AURES II principles of openness and involvement, the objective of the presentations was to share the results on the Costs of Capital for RE projects and discuss with experts the ideas and hypothesis that explain the data collected by Eclareon within the AURES II project. As reported by Brückmann and Roth, there has been a strong decrease of the Costs of Capital (WACC), Cost of Debt, and Cost of Equity for RES-E projects across the EU. Certain factors were identified as possible drivers of change, specifically: the interest rates of the Euro zone, international capital spill-overs, and the emergence of new investors with different interests and business models (greener portfolios). Overall, lower Costs of Capital are a positive sign for further RE development and for achieving energy and climate goals.

A comprehensive report on this topic is being jointly prepared by Eclareon, Fraunhofer and DTU and will be published soon on this website.

Download here the slides of the presentation.