The report synthesises the findings of Work Package 2 (WP2) of the AURES II project. WP2 assessed 10 ongoing RES auctions (six EU countries and four outside) and also assessed 4 planned auctions (three in the EU and one outside), of which one (Hungary) already started the auction in 2019. WP2 of AURES II also assessed technology focused case studies on off-shore wind development in Denmark and the concentrated solar plant (CSP) technology auctions in various countries. The case studies together with the database constructed in WP3 serve as inputs to other WPs, research communities and policymakers. WP2 applied the methodology used in the previous AURES project: open source literature research was complemented by expert interviews from industry, responsible Ministries and regulatory authorities. The case studies can be consulted on the AURES II website:

We have structured this report into 5 chapters. This introduction is followed by a short overview of each on- going and planned case study. The third chapter analyses the trends in auction design across the selected case studies. It characterises the auction types and assesses the main design elements for awarding bids facilitating project realisation. The next chapter looks at the policy effectiveness and static efficiency of the various RES-E auctions realised in the EU and non-EU countries and examines the elements that help to increase actor diversity. The last chapter summarises the main lessons from the case studies while reflecting on upcoming innovations, e.g. the innovation auctions in Germany and the planned GHG auctions of the

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