The work and findings of AURES II is the object of the new issue of Papeles de Energía, the Spanish most influential journal on energy and the energy transition. The theme of the issue is the design of renewable auctions in the world and Spain and it is covered by three articles based on the results of the research carried out within AURES II.

The first article, “Auctions for Renewable Energy SupportII – First insights and results of the Horizon2020 project AURES II”, provides a succinct but comprehensive overview of the reports and studies that have been produced so far by the consortium. In the second, “Design and results of recent renewable energy auctions in Europe”, the focus is on the analysis of the main design elements applied in the recent renewable auctions in Europe and their impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of renewable support allocation. It also assesses new trends and developments, as well as emerging innovative forms of auctions targeting carbon emission mitigation. Finally, the third article, titled “An assessment of the design of the new renewable electricity auctions in Spain under an international perspective”, elaborates on the new auction scheme recently adopted in Spain to comply with its renewable energy targets. The paper assesses the design element choices made in the new auction scheme, identifying its pros and cons and comparing them with the choices made in the previous auctions and with the international practice.

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