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After more than three years, the AURES II project is reaching its end. All the partners in the consortium will continue to study and analyse auctions in the renewable energy sector and we are sure that new projects, in many different forms and shapes, will take on the legacy of this one.

In the meantime, the consortium wants to share the main results in a special final conference that will be held online on the 28th April 2022 between 12:30-17:30 CET. We all understand that traveling from different countries is still complicated due to the ever changing coronavirus pandemic and scheduling the participation in in-person events is not straightforward. We are sure there will be more occasions to meet in-person in the future.

We are going to share insights from the three-year project and discuss those in a series of panels complemented by external experts and speakers. 

Follow this link to get to the full video recording of the event

The Agenda (downloadable pdf version):

To download presentations (where available), click on session title or on the name of the spaker. Here you can download all presentations in one pdf file.


First session (12:30 – 14:00)

Time in CET Topic Speakers
12:30-12:45 Welcome and introduction Vasilios Anatolitis (Fraunhofer ISI)

Jenny Winkler (Fraunhofer ISI)

Achim Woyte (CINEA)

12:45-13:00 Brief introduction to RES auctions Vasilios Anatolitis (Fraunhofer ISI)
13:00-14:00 Lessons learnt from European auctions László Szabo (REKK)
13:05-13:15 Case studies and quantitative analysis Alfa Diallo (REKK)
13:15-13:20 European experience with RES auctions Jose Elias Cabrera (European Commission, DG ENER)
13:20-13:30 Auction design and policy objectives Ann-Katrin Fleck (Takon)
13:35-13:35 International experience with RES auctions Diala Hawila (IRENA)
13:35-14:00 Q&A and panel discussion Moderator: László Szabo (REKK)

Panelists: Alfa Diallo (REKK), Ann-Katrin Fleck (Takon), Vasilios Anatolitis (Fraunhofer ISI), Diala Hawila (IRENA), Jose Elias Cabrera (European Commission, DG ENER)


Second session: Impact of auctions (14:00 – 15:00)

Time in CET Topic Speakers
14:05-14:15 Low risk auction design Lena Kitzing (DTU
14:15-14:20 Experience with financing of RES projects Dominik Ruderer (European Investment Bank – EIB)
14:20-14:30 Impacts of auctions on the RE sector Pablo del Río (CSIC)
14:30-14:35 Impact of auctions in Spain Heikki Willstedt (Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE))
14:35-15:00 Q&A and panel discussion Moderator: Lena Kitzing (DTU)

Panelists: Pablo del Río (CSIC) Moira Jimeno (Eclareon), Dominik Ruderer (EIB), N.N. (Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE)), Ana Amazo (Guidehouse)



Third session: Next steps in RES-E auction design (15:15 – 16:15)

Time in CET Topic Speakers
   15:15-15:20 Cross-border auctions in the Energy Community Naida Taso (Energy Community Secretariat)
   15:20-15:25 Q&A for Naida Taso
   15:25-15:35 Cross-border auctions in the EU Felix von Blücher (Guidehouse)
   15:35-15:45 Can multi-technology auctions work? Jenny Winkler (Fraunhofer ISI)
   15:45-15:50 Multi-technology auctions and the state aid guidelines Alice Gallo (European Commission, DG COMP)
   15:50-16:15 Q&A and panel discussion Moderator: Vasilios Anatolitis (Fraunhofer ISI), Panelists: Felix von Blücher (Guidehouse), Jenny Winkler (Fraunhofer ISI), Alice Gallo (European Commission, DG COMP)


Fouth session: Future of auctions (16:15 – 17:15)

Time in CET Topic Speakers
16:20-16:30 Zero-support auctions/modelling activities Jasper Geipel (TU Wien)
16:30-16:35 Impact of more ambitious targets on RES auctions Dörte Fouquet (EREF)
16:35-16:45 Future applications of auctions Jenny Winkler (Fraunhofer ISI)

Fabian Wigand (Guidehouse)

16:45-16:50 Auctions for hydrogen support Christopher Frey (Sunfire)
16:50-17:15 Q&A and panel discussion Moderator: Gustav Resch (TU Wien)

Panelists: Jasper Geipel (TU Wien), Jenny Winkler (Fraunhofer ISI), Fabian Wigand (Guidehouse), Christopher Frey (Sunfire), N.N. (National Ministry (tbc))

Wrap up and conclusions (17:15 – 17:30)

Continue to follow AURES II updates, including the ones on the Final Conference, via our social media channels (Twitter and LinkedIn) and through our website’s news section.

For any specific enquiries, please write to Vasilios Anatolitis (Vasilios.Anatolitis@isi.fraunhofer.de)

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