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The workshop is a side event at WindEurope Electric City 2021 (23-25/11, Copenhagen, Denmark) and it will take place on 25th November from 9;00 to 12:30.

Registration is open: Information on how to register to the event at the bottom of the page.


The workshop

As the global offshore wind industry enters a new phase of accelerating growth, access to publicly owned seabed is a crucial challenge. A variety of allocation models have been used in different countries. Until recently, sites were generally awarded on the basis of qualitative criteria designed to guarantee project deliverability and alignment with policy commitments. In some places, these ‘beauty contests’ include a fee to retain exclusive development rights, without the allocation itself being based on price. There is a growing number of site allocations based on price-competitive auctions in which the highest bidder wins the site. In the UK, for example, the recent Round 4 auction resulted in approximately €1bn in option fees, payable annually for up to ten years until a lease is taken up. In the US, the Federal government has been selling offshore wind leases by auction for almost a decade. Enthusiasm for competitive allocation is not universal, however. Unlike in England and Wales, Crown Estate Scotland implemented a tight cap on bids in a recent allocation.

The objective of this workshop is to consider several questions around price-based auctions for seabed leases and to asses if they are here to stay and to become the norm. What can recent auction results tell us about the offshore wind market? How does competitive lease allocation affect project economics? Is there an optimal auction design? How do seabed lease auctions interact with other policy processes, such as revenue support auctions?

The workshop will contain a first part, in which we present facts & figures around seabed auctions, and a second part in which industry experts, researchers and policymakers enter into a dialogue to discuss the above mentioned questions. We will end the workshop with a light lunch.

List of speakers:

Oscar Fitch-Roy, Researcher at University of Exeter and AURES II project (download the presentation)

Philipp Beiter, U.S. offshore wind expert, National Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL

Mark Stuurman, Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK)

Mark Timmons, senior wind bid manager, SSE (download the presentation)

Øyvind Vessia, head of regulatory affairs and market development, Ørsted

Lena Kitzing, Head of Section Society, Market and Policy, DTU Wind Energy and AURES II project

Ahti Simo Laido, DTU Wind Energy (download the presentation)




This is a hybrid – both in presence and virtual – event.

Please be aware that physical participation to the workshop is limited to the attendees of the WindEurope Electric City 2021 conference: anyone at the conference can register for the event and join for free; please visit the conference webpage for registration information.

Online participation in the event is free and open to anyone.


  • If you wish to attend the workshop in person (WindEurope Electric City 2021 attendees only), please fill the registration form for the workshop at this link: https://forms.gle/CYnPMZisYaSmPxab7
  • If you wish to attend the workshop online (participation in WindEurope Electric City 2021 not required), please fill the registration form at this link:       https://forms.gle/o9acwFjABZfNxPsx6
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