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The AURES II first of six planned Regional Workshops will take place in Budapest, Hungary, on 25th June 2019. Our Regional Workshops are held to validate intermediate results, collect feedback and new information, and disseminate project results.

As Hungary is in the process to start its first auction for RES, the Budapest workshop, organized by REKK, has the twofold objective of contributing to the success of the Hungarian auctions by presenting good practices followed by other EU countries, and elaborating on those auction design elements, which are key components of the multi-technology type of auctions that are planned in Hungary, as well as in other Member States.

The workshop is aimed at RES industries and power suppliers, as well as other stakeholders such as policy makers, regulators and associations.

The planned sessions will deal with the following topics:

• Technology neutral and multi-technology auctions
• Financing issues related to auction
• Special topics of auction techniques

To participate in the workshop, please go to the registration page here.

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