Competition Dynamics Revisited: Wind Auctions in Germany and Spain

The popularity of wind power auctions has steeply increased in recent years. As this source of energy became competitive, governments around the world began to substitute feed-in tariffs systems with auctions. They introduced these to enable price discovery, enhance competition, and generally reduce the support renewa-bles received through pre-existing support systems. As the AURES II project has shown, auctions were largely considered successful in inducing competition and reducing costs, but this paper looks to explore the impli-cations of auctions beyond bid prices. We, the researchers, set out to explore how the introduction of auc-tions impacted the wind energy ecosystems of Germany and Spain. This paper seeks to go beyond a strong focus on auction outcomes and project developers. It is intrigued by the interdependencies between project developers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), landowners, financing institutions, other industrial players, and so on.

Download the report here.

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