The auction scope is defined by the periodicity of auctions, by the volume of each individual auction, and related to this, target achievement safeguards in the auction.

Auction volume refers to the amount of renewable electricity demanded by the auctioneer in each individual auction. The volumes of individual auctions should be consistent with a medium term ( at least 3-5-year) deployment plan for the technology/ies in question. Auction periodicity refers to how frequently auction rounds take place in the case of recurring auctions. Depending on the market and technology, the frequency may range from once every few years to several times per year. In order to avoid unnecessary uncertainty for investors, it is important that auction schedules, including frequency and volumes, are predictable and reliable in the medium term.

Target achievement safeguards can be put in place to ensure that the medium-term deployment trajectory is followed even if part of the awarded auction volumes do not get realised. For example, volumes which were awarded but not realised in previous auction rounds can be added to the volumes of later auction rounds.

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